Welcome to the St. Paul’s School Robotics team page! Here you can stay updated with all of our latest work by clicking on the blog tab, or by following us on social media. We are participating in the FIRST Robotics competition this year as Team 1512. It is our 12th year competing and we’re excited for this season!



Team 1512 would like to thank its sponsors for their on-going support!




“Mobility is a human right! GoBabyGo! is committed to ensuring that right. GoBabyGo! was created at the University of Delaware by Drs. Cole Galloway and Sam Logan.
Our mission is to provide mobility and quality of life solutions to the world. We do this through disruptive innovation, academic research, and community outreach.
Our group operates within the Pediatric Mobility Lab and Design Studio, Dept. of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware.
Our lab is interested in the roles that a child’s brain, body, behavior, and environment plays in the development of exploratory behaviors. We focus on reaching, object play, sitting, walking and the various things children do in everyday life. The lab has been given funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Foundation for Physical Therapy.
Lab personnel come from a range of backgrounds including fashion, physical and occupational therapy, mechanical/electrical/computer/materials engineering, developmental psychology and exercise science/kinesiology.
A major focus of our day is on the parallel design and prototype production of commercial and DIY tech for play to be used by children and adults in the real world. Current projects/products include garments, toys, race cars and harness environments. His group, which includes professionals and students from fashion, child development, neuroscience and engineering, has been known to accept NIH, NSF funding and donations.”


“Mills Industries is a small third generation, family-owned and operated packaging company.  We began operations in 1947 in Manchester, New Hampshire, as a packaging manufacturer.  In 1985 we moved to Laconia, New Hampshire under second generation president, Bert Mills.  He developed a fresh concept and direction for the company to work towards, as we made the transition to manufacturing plastic corrugated containers.  Our company thrived with the switch providing the designed and well-known postal totes used by the United States Postal Service.  Our creative and inventive style to manufacturing boxes gained us the distinguished reputation as ” The Innovators of Packaging”.”


“For over two decades, Team Engineering has provided quality Engineered Building Inspection & Design services for residential, condominium and commercial clients in Northern New England. Team Engineering works together with property owners, builders, designers, inspectors, architects and other engineers to deliver practical and economical inspection and design solutions for our clients.”


“PennEngineering, headquartered in Danboro, PA and founded in 1942, is a global leader in fastening solutions and the parent of PennEngineering, PennEngineering Automotive Fasteners, and pennTool™ Group. PennEngineering companies provide fastener and fastener installation design and product solutions worldwide for diverse industries, including electronics, computer, data/telecom, medical, automotive, marine, aerospace/aircraft, and general manufacturing.”


“Plano is a company founded on the belief that outdoor adventures go beyond the fish you catch or the game you carry out, but the experience you take in.  We’ve been supplying outdoor enthusiasts with equipment protection and storage solutions for over 60 years, and there’s a 4 in 5 chance that if you own a tackle box, it was made by Plano.”


“The Refurbished Equipment Marketplace is a centralized depository of previously owned assistive technologies that have been donated, refurbished and made available for purchase to individuals and dealers throughout New Hampshire. Each year the REM sells over 500 pieces of equipment (wheelchairs, mobility aids, hospital beds, bath aids, scooters, portable ramps, etc.) to persons who find the cost of new technology prohibitive.”


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