Post #1: Overview

This post is a general synopsis of the tasks that each group is trying to complete:

Our climbing group’s goal is to create a mechanism that will be powerful enough to climb the rope with the 120 pound robot and also hold the robot in the air until a human player retrieves the robot. They will have to work within the rules and regulations of the rope.

Working with the shooting group, our gathering group’s objective is to build a contraption to efficiently store the yellow wiffle balls (2 inches in radius), be able to gather the balls that are lying on the field and deliver it to our shooting mechanism.

Faced with a grueling challenge ahead, our shooting group has to build a shooting mechanism that has to work with keeping all the shooting mechanism within the square chassis and shooting the ball into an 8 feet tall tower. In addition, this group also has to keep in mind the versatility that the shooting mechanism must have in order to adjust from shooting in the high target to the low target that is 4 feet tall.

Our gear group’s purpose is to design a contraption to receive a 11 inch diameter gear from a slot and deliver it to a stiff spring hook that will be holstered up onto the airship by a human player.

Our programming group’s goal is to use a small processor that will expedite the speed at which the shooting mechanism receives the command to fire from the driver station. In addition they will work on programming an imaging recognition software that will help with driving the robot.

The main goal for our chassis group is to design a chassis that will be effective in maneuvering the robot and incorporation all the group’s mechanism.

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