Post #2: Build Week 4

Chassis Group
Having a completed chassis from the work that was done in weeks 1, 2 and 3, the Chassis group is working on mounting metal frames to protect the wheel. They are also work on protecting the chassis with polyethylene foam. Going into the next two weeks they will be faced with the challenging task of helping the other groups mount their mechanisms onto the Chassis.

Gear Group
After much hard work, the gear group has decided to shift the focus onto a mechanism that would receive and place the gear rather than a claw mechanism. The goal in the next two weeks is to make more adjustments to the gear mechanism and then have it mounted onto the robot. In addition to this new design, this group is still creating a new claw as a backup plan just incase this other mechanism has a malfunction.

Climbing Group
The climbing group came up with a working prototype and are waiting for the other mechanism to be mounted on robot where they will then be working on refining and resizing their prototype.

Gathering Group
The gathering group has come up with a system that will carry the ball from the ground to the hopper. They are working on refining their prototype and in the next two weeks they will start testing the mechanism on the robot.

Shooting Group
The shooting group has moved away from their prototype made from plastic cardboard to plexiglass. They are the first group to mounted their mechanism onto the robot. In the next two weeks, they are going to be working with the gathering to make sure that the balls can be delivered to the shooting mechanism. They will also be working on fine tuning the speed at which the ball is shooting at.

Programming Group
The programming group has set up a working camera and are working on writing a program for the camera for green contour detection. Aiding the driver with the green contour detection will help make the job much easier.

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