Post #3: Build week 5 & 6

Disclaimer: These updates are meant to inform you of the progress made on our robot, but may not be as specific as you like as we try to keep some of our elements a secret as it will be our secret weapon in the FIRST robotic competition.

Update (13 days left until the end of the build):
Chassis group: The chassis group is continuing to help the other groups mount their prototype mechanism onto the chassis. They have also started to working on an off board electrical system. In the next few weeks they will continue helping other groups.

Gear group: The gear group has decided to make a gear collecting system that is passive and operates on a hinge system. They are in the preliminary process of testing and going to continue test the gear mechanism.

Climbing group: In last weeks update, we said that we hoped to have our climbing mechanism mounted on to the robot, but we have now have a solid outline to where the piece of the climbing mechanism will fit on the robot. So our goal again will be to mount the climbing mechanism onto the robot and hopeful test it at least once.

Gathering group: The gathering group have managed to make their gathering mechanism a little smaller and it was unable to stay within the dimension of the robot. They have come up with a more consistent solution to the issues of not being able to feed the balls into the shooter. The next step for them is to test the gathering mechanism a couple more times and then mount it onto the robot.

Shooting group: The shooter is working smoothly as we have have tested it several times. The team is really excited about some of the parts that we used in the shooting mechanism as we designed them and were able to 3D print it. Now the shooting group is waiting for other groups to fit their mechanism onto the robot so that it can be driven and tested on our test field.

Programming group: The programming group have programmed the basic functions onto the robot such as driving, shooting and climbing. They have also programmed the shooting mechanism to be able to change speed, set as the reverse mode so driving backwards is easier for driver and connected it all to the talon. Their next task is to continue work on camera vision and image analysis.

Engineers of the week
Landon Smith because of his ability to be mentored by Mr.Davis and making two collars by himself.

Catherine Reynolds and Emily Craig for their continued hard work and perseverance with the hardest machine to use in the lab: the sewing machine. They spend most of their free time in the lab sewing the fabric for our bumpers.


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